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Estate and retirement planning

Many of us find conversations about money difficult to have. Likewise, some of us find it difficult talk about our plans for old age and what we want to happen to our wealth when we die.

Avoiding these conversations can lead to financial problems further down the line, which is why our estate and retirement planning advice can be so beneficial.

Without careful planning now, your loved ones could face a 40% inheritance tax bill or you could experience an income shortfall in retirement.

Your adviser will help you plan for:

  • Retirement income
    Will your pension provide enough to live on? How much can you expect from the state? We’ll help you work this out and advise on other suitable ways to generate income for your later years.
  • Leaving your business
    If you own a business, you should be thinking now about who will take over when you leave or about making the firm attractive to buyers if selling it is your preferred option. We can help you make a plan.
  • Passing on your wealth
    If your home and assets are worth more than £325,000, you should be making use of legitimate ways to pass on your wealth without incurring a tax bill. Trusts can help with this and they can also be a suitable way for vulnerable loved ones to inherit. Whatever you do, an up-to-date will kept in a place that’s accessible to your executor is a must.
  • Care and ill health
    Insuring against medical bills or the costs associated with long-term care is something we should all consider. We can help you understand the options.

We help make sure you take the most appropriate and tax-efficient approach in each of these areas.

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