Managing your payroll can be an unwelcome distraction from the demands of running your business and servicing your clients.

The recently introduced real time information system, which means you have to report all PAYE payments to HMRC on or before the day that employees are paid, has made the process even more confusing for many small firms.

Many of our clients now outsource their payroll obligations to us instead. We provide a comprehensive, end-to-end payroll service that includes:

processing weekly and monthly payroll runs

  • issuing customised payslips to staff
  • advising you of all PAYE, national insurance and statutory payments to be made
  • completing and issuing year-end returns to your employees and HMRC
  • providing summaries and analyses of staff costs
  • handling incentive schemes, pensions, bonuses and termination payments.

Contact us to discuss how we can help to save you time and money with your payroll administration.