Business planning

With careful planning and clear goals, a business can flourish. This is true regardless of whether you're just starting up or you're looking to grow an established business.

An experienced and trusted business adviser can help you:

  • consider the impact on your tax position and financial results of accelerating revenue and capital expenditure into the current financial year
  • take profits from your business at the lowest tax cost, including timing dividends and bonuses to reduce or defer tax
  • implement better cash and debt collection strategies
  • improve your billing system and recordkeeping
  • review systems and processes to improve profitability and cashflow
  • introduce tax-saving employee remuneration packages.

We encourage our clients to schedule regular planning sessions with us throughout the year. And we encourage them to do this face-to-face, at their offices or ours.

While much of our routine bookkeeping and accounting work can be carried out remotely by email and phone, we can only really get to know you and your business with regular, personal meetings.

Call 01442 262659 or email now to schedule a business planning meeting.